Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction by Rhonda Sciortino

  • 2


    • Bullying - What do you do when he gets suspended from school?

  • 3

    Inappropriate Behavior

    • Inappropriate Behavior - What do you do when kids have no boundaries?

  • 4


    • Stealing - What would you do if he stole your credit card?

  • 5


    • Sexting - How would you handle sexting?

  • 6


    • Drugs - What do you do when you find drugs?

  • 7


    • Anger - How do you respond to angry outbursts?

  • 8


    • Get Results with Better Conversations Quiz


Speaker and Author

Rhonda Sciortino

Rhonda Sciortino is an author, motivational speaker and a Your Real Success coach. She overcame abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become a successful business woman, spokeswoman, and advocate for abused children.

Rhonda currently serves as the chair for the Successful Survivors Foundation and Speaker Bureau, an organization she founded to help survivors of adversity to create personal and professional success.

Rhonda's big, audacious goal is to help millions of people through the Love Is Action Community Initiative.

Additional information is available at