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Board-Certified Pediatrician, Certified Brain Health/ADHD Consultant

Dr Hokehe Effiong

Dr Hokehe Effiong, Board-Certified Pediatrician, Certified Brain Health/ADHD Consultant helps parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, who are frustrated and worried about their child’s behavior and are ready to partner with their child to get to the root cause of the behaviors, to heal and flourish in mind and body using brain health strategies and functional medicine. She is the CEO of ADHD Practical Solutions, with a mission to help 1 million children with ADHD accomplish their big dreams, She is also the CEO of Kits of Hope, a 501 (3) organization dedicated to inspiring communities to share love, hope, and dignity with children in the foster care system.

After being injured in two car accidents, labeled as average, and told it was impossible for her to fulfil her dream of becoming a pediatrician, she uses her experience with developing resilience and thriving in the face of obstacles to help children diagnosed with ADHD and Children in Foster Care see themselves as who they truly are: fiercely courageous and capable of fulfilling their dreams.

She has spoken to the United Nations Youth Program, Ghana on the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and has been on multiple podcasts and summits such as the Healthy Fit and Uplifted webinar as keynote speaker, Doctors unbound, the On-air Advocate, Motherhood, Melanin and motherhood. She has also hosted a summit for foster parents. She is on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Pediatrics Oklahoma Chapter.