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Program Director, Attachment & Trauma Network

Ginger Healy, MSW, LCSW

Ginger Healy received her master’s degree in social work from UNLV in 1999 and began practicing as a licensed clinical social worker in 2001. She has worked as a social worker in the field of child and family services and hospital trauma for several years until she adopted her son from Romania. At that point she started working for Children’s House International Adoption Agency for the next 15 years serving as the social service supervisor. This job taught her so much about attachment and trauma. In 2016 she was awarded The Angels in Adoption Award and met Julie Beem a fellow awardee. She was so impressed that when an opportunity to work for The Attachment and Trauma Network came up she jumped in head first. She is married with four children and her greatest teachers about developmental trauma and special needs have been her children. She hopes to give back to parents in her professional life and through community support. She has been able to lead the Iron County Utah Autism Support Group and serve on the board of Gateway Preparatory Academy. She is honored to be a part the ATN team.

Executive Director, Attachment & Trauma Network

Julie Beem, MBA

Julie Beem has been the Executive Director of the Attachment & Trauma Network since 2009 and an active member and volunteer since 2005. Julie lives in the Atlanta area and is the mom to four and grandmother to 2. Her youngest daughter, adopted internationally more than 20 years ago was the reason she found support and education from the other parents at ATN. Under Julie’s leadership, ATN has grown to reach families, schools and communities around the world. In 2016 ATN was given an Angel in Adoption award to honor the organization’s contributions to adoptive families across the US. Julie is a frequent speaker at adoption/foster parenting conferences as well as events focused on early childhood trauma. Julie’s formal background is in marketing, communications and business. Her true passion is making life easier for children impacted by trauma and the families who love them. Paying it forward has become the cornerstone of Julie’s work through ATN. When not immersed in the daily tasks of a growing non-profit, Julie enjoys traveling with her husband, watching her daughter in swimming competitions and playing with the grandbabies.