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    • ACEs: Adverse Childhood Experiences // 1 Hour


Life is tough…but SO ARE YOU!

Amber Jewell, LMSW

Amber Jewell is a licensed master social worker that has over 15 years of experience working with youth and families in child protective services, the education field and mental health services. As a child that endured child abuse, neglect and long-term trauma as a youth involved with the child welfare system, Amber Jewell refuses to let her story end there! Instead, she shares knowledge and experience to be an ray of hope for others. Jewell has worked in clinical, administrative and direct-service roles as well as collaborated with many organizations and religious affiliations. With her cross knowledge of fields, she works to educate and inspire people in many fields of work and life. She is currently a K-12 school social worker, foster parent, soon-to-be-author, and national trainer and speaker. Despite the hardships that come in life, Jewell has confidence in the power of any person to plant many seeds in the lives of those they serve. She hopes to motivate others to find strength in what skills they already have that can be used to make a difference. With her personal journey and professional experience as the primary instruments, Jewell uses research, compassion and laughter to provide the audience with new hope through motivational tools and perspectives.